Artificial Intelligence Software Automates Your Ad Campaigns 


The Lightning AI platform automatically plans and manages advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Automatic Bidding

  • Target your highest LTV customers to hit your ROI targets, automatically

  • Set it and forget it: Let our bidding automation tool optimize every dollar spent on Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads to ensure you are paying the right price for the right audience

Automatic Audience Expansion

  • Unlock new interest and audience groups through our automated audience expansion software.

  • Find new audience and keywords groups while you sleep

  • Our algorithm transcends the basic lookalike audiences to uncover new top performing groups every day. We do not rely on basic lookalike audiences so we are able to uncover high return groups

Automatic Creative Optimization

  • Run hundreds of creative tests across your channels to find the message that works best for your audience

Tailored Dashboard Analytics

  • Custom dashboards let you know exactly how your campaigns are doing through the day

Our clients trust the platform to manage over $4 million in spend per month